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Coucher de soleil à la plage

humanist spirituality
Time for awakening

towards a

the Voice - body & soul 
An up-to-date training
Facing perfectly the current challenges of humanity !

The vibratory evolution of

earth and of our life

conditions make our

personal evolution

necessary, inevitable

and possible. The

sound and vibration

are hyphens between

the body, the energy

and light.


Breathing is the engine,

Our body can and

knows how to generate

this evolution, this

transformation. This is

how we will become

augmented humans,

as the saying goes !

Era changes, local and global challenges, growing rifts, quests for meaning, disruption of our values...

The challenges of the period we are living in are perhaps the most important ones man has faced since his beginnings on earth.

There are many signs that everything is now changing very quickly, faster and faster….at all levels.

The giant bush fires, the unprecedented sanitary crise, the mobilization movements all over the planet, all these signs show how significant nowadays' changes are...

Our capacities of evolution grow with the same rhythm on both, the individual and collective level, the inner and outside. 

Are you ready to become the new human for this new world ?

So, let us be clear. Neither does this analysis support any conspiracy theory, nor does it strengthen any fear or catastrophism - quite the opposite !

Innovation, cooperation instead of competition : this is the road you should follow!

Let us rethink the world and men’s rightful place in it.

change our paradigms !
the Voice - body & soul

Thich Nhat Hanh

whose wisdom and teachings are so precious to the world, used to say :

“Just water the good seeds! "

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