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Light beings



All along this training, I discovered and experienced numerous things. I also appreciated the constant kindness circulating between us. 

Since then, breathing took an important place in my daily life,

I feel more connected to the world around me.


It is with great desire and curiosity that I chose to participate in the workshop proposed by Didier Momo. From the outset,

the warm welcome, the kindness, the sincere listening allowed me to feel at ease and relaxed within this group.

I really appreciate those moments when Didier’s voice allows us to disconnect or perhaps reconnect to our inner being, to our sensations, to our energies. I was very impressed by his approach to the proposed discipline with a cross-cutting, scholarly and spiritual vision of all the concepts presented in the workshop. The sound vibrations emitted by all participants caused a lot of stimulation and powerful reactions in me. Me, a musician, who then rediscovered the meaning and richness of the sound and its frequencies. 

Since then, I practice daily meditations and the different fields (songs) explored by this training workshop.

I truly feel the benefits of this practices which brings me serenity and pleasure to live the rest of the committed day

to the fullest and I am surprised to better understand my inner emotions and those from others.

 Hope I can live again such a rewarding experience ! 


Didier offers us concrete self-awareness tools that both help us for self-management and relations

with others. This openness to the soul through the body allows a real re-appropriation

of the self in a very fine reading.

Nevertheless, I think it requires assiduous practice.

In my mind, the practice of the group during the workshop and the setting up of an egregore is useful to support each individual effort.

Thank you so much Didier for showing us the way to this new field of possibilities in each of us.


The voice. This wonderful instrument that anyone carries inside ! How afraid have I been to participate

in the workshop, and find myself confronted with my voice …! I dreaded this nudity in front of myself and in front of strangers... And yet Didier knew, with humility and benevolence, how to guide me towards its importance and its use on the way to my truth.


This workshop is a transmission of large and small tools to use without moderation in order to reconnect to ourselves - to connect to the healing and the specific sensations of the sounds.


I have also particularly appreciated the sharing of knowledge proposed by Didier in many areas.

This fed me and awakened the desire and curiosity to go digging in different directions.


We come out grown from this workshop !

Rare and rich is this opportunity of learning, discovering and practicing offered in

"the Voice - body & soul".

It also is a privilege to reconnect to oneself and to others this way, with Didier.

At his side, in a great benevolence, any of us had the very necessary time to experiment the provided tools, proceed quietly and re-discover ourselves. I also noticed how far the strength of a group can make sense, when I saw I was feeling more and faster, I could go further in my skills, thanks to it !

From this workshop on, I can much more easily take time for breathing, for meditate, coming back to the essence of my life, of my health. It has become obvious to give me these moments, nearly every day.


The tools I discovered with Didier are precious ones for our daily life.
Our soul deserves we take care of it as it take care of us !


On my way to sovereignty for a long time I found in the workshop offered by Didier simple and concrete.

The  tools are accessible and so easy to put into practice !

Tools that allow us to remain anchored and to anchor this work on ourselves in matter

while being connected to our authentic being.

Thank you, thank you Didier, for your kindness, your listening.

Thank you too to all the beautiful people with whom I shared this adventure... !

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