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the Voice - body & soul

Path of light - path of sound

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Traditions, religions, wise men and women, sciences and arts,
All are telling us, in their very own way :

“In the beginning was the Word...”

The Gospel according to St. John begins like this:

“ - From the first he was the Word, and the Word was in relation with God and was God

- This Word was from the first in relation with God

- All things came into existence through him, and without him nothing was”

In Tibet, for example, many testimonies explain the practice of sound levitation in order to lift stone blocks of several hundred tons...

Let’s evoke in a brief word the powerful keys of this domain, delivered by holy languages as Sanskrit and Hebrew… 

The center of the being

"Man has a double origin, one celestial, the other terrestrial; one natural, the other supernatural. The accomplished man is the fusion of one and the other in his consciousness."

On the wise side, Karlfried Graf Dürkheim tells us about our double nature. Others speak about beings of light... Metaphysics, holistic view on people, souls experimenting duality... so many ways for saying that we are not only made with matter !   
For wise people, meditation is a bridge to these others faces. Some valuable references are : J. Krishnamurti "la relation de l'homme au monde" - Isha Schwaller De Lubicz "l'Ouverture du chemin" - Thich Nhat Nanh "Il n'y a ni peur ni mort"...
Many are they, wise contemporaries who cross experiences, sources, and centuries to find the path to being. Marc Luyckx is one of them, who in turn has been a priest, an economist working for the Europe union, and now a writer enlightening us with his own synthesis of things.

Science and art

On the science side, researches and experiments show more and more and open also new path about the cell, vibration, abolishing frontiers between visible and invisible.

B. Lipton dans "Experimental cell research" - 1992    

J.B. Moseley in "New England Journal of Medicine" - 2002 "Placebo" effect on osteo arthritis surgery of the knee

J. Dispenza -"Becoming supernatural" 2019 - reminds us the transformation cycle of metabolites into pineal gland

A. Marzo - scientist researcher from Bristol - and his team have created, in 2018, an acoustic levitation device...

Finally, from a perspective of art, anyone can have noticed the evocative and transformative power of sound and voice. Art is another way to reach full consciensness wich becomes an offering shared with the public.
Dhafer YoussefEsther LamandierHuhn Huur Tu, each of those big artists reflect his/her own permeability between technique, art, tradition and transcendence.
All that remains to do is to find the instructions how to use it !! This is the goal of the worshop

The voice - body & soul



The basics of the different technics, which will be discovered during the first workshop, can be split into 4 major chapters. The technics and tools will then be applied, developed and completed in order to create an "ensemble" coherent and fully-functional whilst workshop 4 - validation. The guide will lead you through a personalized assimilation.

- Chapter 1 :  natural and conscient breathing

Source of permanent physical and psychic health, our breathing increase the diaphragm's flexibility, massage the abdominal area, calm down the heart and emotions.

It is the basis of our spiritual pyramid.

It then declines as a powerful driving force for our evolution, through subtil techniques.

- Chapter 2 : Energy Boost - Magnetism

Many of our organs can function at different vibratory planes. At every level they act differently, following the example of our pineal gland and our thymus.
Energizing our physiological and physical functioning, channelling and using our personal magnetism allows us to «climb in the floors» and to act on more subtle planes.

- chapter 3 : Mantras - Inner sound

The Root-sounds have been transmitted to us since the dawn of humanity. Connecting us to our origins and to the sources of all existence, they are part of many mantras and they can guide us to healing - with working on both energetic and informational levels in order to act on physical transformation.
By creating an inner high-vibrating space,  and by using the group's energies, you will be able to refine and develop your sensations and skills, and thus open the doors of transformation.

- Chapter 4 : Reach consciensness through sound

The breath-and-sound pyramid increase our consciensness and our holistic perception of us, others and of the world.
New insights, new tools for freeing our personality.
Thus your voice will become as much a reading tool as a transformation and anchoring tool.

Light through sound


the Voice - body & soul
A new hyphen between the worlds

Learning and healing are two sides of the same process !

In addition to benefits listed below, the workshop will propose you regular, even daily, exercises for your spiritual path. These exercices will be luminous and precious supports on it, for life.


What will those tools and workshop provide to you :

- find serenity and self-care through breathing techniques

- develop energy perceptions and skills, in quantity and quality,

- continue your journey to healing

- reconnect to your Soul

- regain your sovereignty and freedom, your ability to choose.

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