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My name - Didier Momo

 This workshop is the synthesis of an entire life, full of, and dedicated to art, science, and wisdom paths. All these years of learning and practicing have developed in me a large variety of skills. Those skills are today unified in a fully functional method, and I am very grateful for that,

 It requires a lot of trust in the guide for deciding to subscribe in such kind of workshop ! It might be better if the guide was down-to-earth, if his methods were serious, referenced and easy to use. His tools should be handled easily by anyone without requiring 12 hours-a-day of practice...

the Voice - body & soul is a new workshop based both on very ancient and latest knowledges. It has been elaborated through more than 20 years of artistic, pedagogic and inner practice.

-> About being "down-to-earth", please find below my qualifications and practices :

Sciences : Bachelor degree in maths and physics, DEUG "Science and matter structures" (Paris VII)

Exams and degrees : National Music Certificate (PEA) - 1993 / Director of Art Conservatories (DEEA 2ème catégorie) - 2015

Musical practice : Conductor, both in conservatories and on stage /  Composer and arranger/ Director of the "l'Affaire est dans l'Sax" festival / numerous concerts during 30 years either as a saxophonist or as a singer.

-> About energy and spirituality : 30 years of daily practice and researches in many fields :

Personal path, science, music, voice

My taste and aptitude for rationality was first expressed throughout scientific studies (a degree in physics). In search of a more complete path reconciling intelligence and sensitivity, discipline  for body and spirit, tradition and openness, inner dialogue and outer communication...

I therefore became a professional musician, to be precise a saxophone teacher, opening myself to uplifting moments that art can provide.

Soloist lyricist singer, following a vocal course, I gained a solid technical training on breathing gestures and sung gestures.

Further to the saxophone, my passion for jazz has led me to practice and teach vocal improvisation in individual and group workshops during more than 20 years.

Humanist quest, spirituality, personal development

At the same time I dug, explored as a self-taught person tarology, astrology, the Hebrew alphabet in order to read the Old Testament and the texts of Kabbalah.

I devoured many authors with humanistic and holistic approaches : Krishnamurti, Annick de Souzenelle, Dürkheim, Jung, Fabvre d'Olivet, Oswald Wirth, Halévy, Papus and so many others…

Out of the books, numerous personal investigations and encounters have also played a great role in my experience and practice - intimacy of subtle transmissions.

Path of care

I very quickly discovered my ability if doing magnetism. When I was only about twenty years old, an initiate woman who had taken me under her wing, had already taught me ; as well as some astrology.

After training in energetics with an osteopath open to geobiology and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, I began treating myself (angina, fatigue, herpes labialis...), then my family and friends (severe sprains, burns, giant urticaria following radiotherapy, migraines, intestinal or menstrual problems...)


My practice has gradually become daily, self-nourishing and being nourished by my personal research on channelling, Chi Gong, meditation. The world I discovered from this point on - as well as caring for the other - added an extra meaning to my life.

"Oeuvre au noir"

The musician, composer, professor,  magnetizer, all of them were growing and increasing their practices ; however, I still felt incomplete, unsatisfied...

Something kept slipping away from me. Which connections could exist between all those activities ? 

Which kind of organization of life, of the entire universe, underpins those faces of reality ?

Life brought the answer and a truly alchemical process began for me. All parts of my life collapsed one after another. In a very short timeline of 2 years, it led me to reposition all the different 

elements of my life, under fire and in the crucible of doubt, to do a real work of “oeuvre au noir” (negrido)... and to be reborn from my very own ashes.

Conscience - action

Little by little, a new meaning was revealed, nourished by an identical, yet-renewed, flame. My hands were animated by a more intense flow of energy... and I finally dared to open an energy treatment practice.   

Demand of patients have done the rest. Ever since, I very often mix hands and voice, for greater efficiency.


Now, as. my voice finally has found its place in my body, my body totally accommodated my soul once for good. Thanks to the voice, my body became my soul's very own tool.

I have the immense pleasure to pass this on to you today with

The voice - body & soul

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