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Energie corps & âme

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The voice - body & soul

Energie corps & âme

Energetic healer  : 

traumatisms, organics, nervous, hormonal imbalances...

fire healing, cessation...

 humanist coach : suffering,

beliefs, mental blocks...

release, choices,


Put serenity and clearness in your life

increase physical health 

meet your magnetism

your sovereignty

your freedom !


4 week-ends

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Enact spirituality
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spiritual workshop
respiration Voice Healing 
Mantras Meditation

The Voice - body & soul 

a Tool box

for each day, all life long
 -> Connected to a powerful and active spirituality, these tools combine traditions & sciences, serving both body and soul
 -> The technics, based as well on anatomy, art and spiritual traditions, objectify your progression
 -> Serving both body and soul, numerous individual and collective exercices enable and combine training, development and calibration of your perceptions skills
 -> The workshops also supply the keys and insights in order to connect the tools you are working with to your personal practices.

The Voice - body & soul


Up-dated methods for breathing, voice and mantras

Connexion to numerous practices and knowledges

Perception and channeling method in order to use energy power

In full respect of each participant and his or her beliefs

The Voice - Body & Soul

Training unfold over 4 week-ends


There is about one month of space between each of the 4 sessions


An exceptional domaine : Saint-Jacut's  Abbey,

only 22 km away from Saint-Malo


Accomodation in single or double rooms


Possibility for full-board, see conditions and prices


- Groups of 8 people

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- The awakening -

I imagine that we have all been already exposed to this kind of vertigo in life, independent from our personal beliefs, culture, or choices. This moment during which our thoughts wander – maybe just for some seconds – free of any pressure or appointment, without any responsibility to assume.

Or maybe it is or was only an occasion of an instance a part, like it happened to me facing this mountain lake in the area of Hardangervidda, Norway, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, hidden after a curve and placed in the middle of an almost-irreal and majestic landscape filled with silence and intemporal peace, which I discovered during an excursion by car. So, we stopped and walked towards the lake, recognizing that we were not the first ones coming here. A tiny mile stone testified that other people already had passed by before us, admiring these mountains covered by snow and leaving their mental as well as the rest of their lives back in the car for a second whilst taking this instant and leaving their thoughts close to the water and the undulating environment of this lake. 

When our thoughts start to wander, we might to say to ourselves that – maybe and still – the reality we see and the reality that sometimes submerges us does not tell us everything about the world we live in. In this very precise moment, in this very powerful, silent ambience, we can feel ourselves reconnected to something else inside us, something familiar, that we might have missed for most of the time. Maybe this brings us back to our childhood, back to passed times, or to some kind of inner relief. It might have a slightly salted taste though, like this tear that slowly runs down our cheek, passing by our lips, without any warning…...

So, before we think, before we go back on the road again, we take an instant to smile like we have not been smiling for a very long time. A smile that does not belong to anybody, kind of a reflect, facing our very selves, knowing how rare is the moment.


Spiritual path
Montagnes, rencontre, lac


- the awakening following -


The invisible makes its way through to us and opens up, slightly, to our senses, within a second of a flicker. Piercing brilliance. We then recognize very clearly what we – intuitively – have always known. It’s transporting us, moving and shattering, leaving us somewhere between gratitude and questioning.  

There is an indefinite number of doors opening up to this invisible estate that rules the world. And as their number is unlimited, we meet them regularly on our road of life. 

Quite often they come along together with some very deep connection that we have with our surroundings – a place, an atmosphere, a person, or even some work of art.

As we do not live in a society that motivates us to develop this kind of sense, we can hardly recognize one of these doors at the moment we stand in front of it. Anyway, how shall we believe in that? How can we conciliate these fleeting impressions with the tangible reality we are facing all day long? These instants stay too often unrecognized, without we can do anything about it, carried away as we are by the maelstrom surrounding us. And if we see them, we just can consider them as one of these confusing experiences that we prefer to store away, like curious items installed on a dusty shelf somewhere in what we could consider as our personal museum. 

The awakening is quite often presented as a stable estate that accompanies us all lifelong once achieved – despite any ups and downs. The ways we can take to achieve it are as numerous as the doors we can open, and are as difficult to identify. Then we seem to move within a labyrinth of mirrors deforming reality, as far as they are not scientifically reproducible, independent from our will…or it is us deforming those mirrors accordingly...

Let’s imagine that we could open these doors regularly. This means that we could discover the awakening regularly as well, without that we recognize these occasions most of times…and we would pass by them so rapidly ! We should be able to identify ourselves in these given estates, find our place and our landmarks…and understand. 

How and why do these doors open up? How can we find them once more ? And how can we go through them?

The important point is there! We need corresponding tools and train our intuition to find the suitable practices. Any tradition seems to have been elaborated accordingly to this aim with its own methods, techniques and rules of life. This mostly involved complete ascetism for the aspirant to the awakening. For thousands of years this kind of road has been mostly reserved for monks or wise men, who followed strictly in silence and far away from “the real” world. 

Silence, secret, knowledge, and engagement are still very precious values in this context, but how the rest has changed !!

One of the most important changes is the access to traditions, texts and experiences, unique in history of men. That’s not everything, that doesn’t do the trick, but it gives us already some perspective and generates a lot of interactions between the different sources. This melting point brings illusions as well as new roads to walk on. They teach us inner accuracy in order not to lose ourselves. Those accessible knowledges open new ways and possible voices that can play a major role in our elevation. 

The other big change ? The vibratory evolution of earth and of humanity. Which was first: chicken or egg ? Everyone has an answer to this. The important point is that we do not longer need this life of asceticism, nor intercessors between us - down here - and our own part of light, up there. Each individuum, can chose its way of transformation today and cultivate the awakening throughout its road of liberation. 

Our body, this marvelous creation of life, offers us all possibilities of awakening and transformation and we can easily access, activate and use the tools it offers us nowadays. Please find below the most important elements :

Breathing : the engine that enables us to dynamize multiple functions such as 

The voice : substance is energetically transitioned and expressed through the voice. Further, it is the melting point between the upper ( the luminous part) and the lower (the material part) of us, and of the world around. 

Organs : some of our organs, when we dynamize them, can generate magnificent metabolites or amazing substances that open the doors to the super powers of men. And finally :

The soul : We can accommodate our soul in our body as well in our conscience. The aim is to find a cooperation between our soul and personality, and so on an increased capacity for choice and liberty. 

Our body is our temple, accommodating all our inner weddings – the very place for human beings.

The Voice - body & soul 

Offers you to take over the control about those tools due to a spiritual (trans)formation / training, practices and pragmatism, in full respect of everyone’s convictions and for everyone’s happiness.

Let's be - at our humble level - scouts !

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